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Your Timekeeping Solution

Having our timekeeping system in place reduces human timekeeping errors and gives you the comfort of knowing your employees’ wages are accurate. With multiple time collection options, and our local customer service tracking employees’ times has never been

Web Based Timekeeping
Onsite Basic Timeclock
Timekeeping Product Guide

Affordable Care Act Tracking

  • Determine large employer status for ACA reporting [req. 50+ FTE Employees] Easily count your Full Time Equivalent employees with our simple “Work Week” And “Work Month” report generator.

Automatic Breaks

Cloud based

  • Accessible from any internet connection, no software to install!

Commission & Tip Tracking

Daily Auto Email

  • Daily time summary & incomplete transaction report

Department & Job Tracking

  • For easy workers comp reporting, labor distribution & certified labor reports.

Employee Self Service

  • Employees clock in/out online & can view their timecards.

Payroll File Import

  • For select payroll processing programs if seeking timekeeping as a stand-alone product

When you combine our payroll services with our automated timekeeping, processing your payroll has never been more accurate or simple.

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Your Timekeeping+ Solution

Timekeeping+ offers everything our automated timekeeping offers but offers useful employee managing tools such as…
Automated Accrual Tracking

Employee Self Service All features in ESS are permission based

  • See total hours worked, missing punches, accruals, PTO requests, edit their timecard, add notes, or submit comments
  • Share announcements to the Company, certain departments/locations, or to other employees.
  • Update personal information such as password or email address & login information

Multiple Timecard Editor

  • Easily edit, and finalize multiple timecards in one easy step.

Real Time Reporting

  • Get instant visibility on your employees with real clock time info

Time Card Approvals

  • Supervisor Logins & multi-level time card approvals

Timekeeping+ is ideal for large employers

Employers seeking stand-alone timekeeping

& Employers interested in our scheduling program

Your Scheduling Solution

Take scheduling beyond calendars, spreadsheets, and schedules that can change at the drop of a hat. Our scheduling program seamlessly performs alongside our Timekeeping+ to help you effectively manage your staff and schedule.  
Completely web based, with no software to install! You’ll be able to create schedules with drag and drop simplicity, save and re-use templates for easy planning. Fill open shifts almost instantly with our employee/employer communication dashboard. By combining Timkeeping+ with our Scheduling Solution managing your employees, and their hours has never been easier!
Employee/Employer Communication Dashboard

    • Employees can view their schedule & make comments/request changes
  • Employees can communicate to switch shifts (pending manager approval)
  • Managers can easily track and manage schedule changes
  • Managers can instantly notify employees via text/email

Employer Dashboard

  • Managers can easily view/track & approve time off requests
  • Instantly notify employees of open shifts via text message or email
  • Identify “best fit employees” work certain shifts (using qualifications and hours worked criteria)

Engage your workforce & improve your administrative process

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