Your Time Tracking Solution.

Having our timekeeping system in place reduces human timekeeping errors and gives you the comfort of knowing your employees’ wages are accurate. With multiple time collection options, and our local customer service tracking employees’ times has never been easier.

Affordable Care Act Tracking and Reporting
Automatic Breaks
Cloud based: Accessible from any internet connection, no software to install!
Commission & Tip Tracking
Daily Auto Email: Daily time summary & incomplete transaction report automatic email notifications
Department & Job Tracking: For easy workers comp reporting, labor distribution & certified labor reports.
Employee Self Service: Employees clock in/out online & can view their timecards.
Payroll File Import: For select payroll processing programs if seeking timekeeping as a stand-alone product

When you combine our payroll services with our automated timekeeping, processing your payroll has never been more accurate or simple. Contact ABPS today to see how much automated timekeeping can save you!

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