Your Payroll Processing Solution

ABPS is here every step of your payroll process from cutting paychecks, to submitting your W2’s at he end of the year. We’ll combine the right amount of technology and personal attention to create a payroll process that works for you and your company!

If your company is in need of a payroll processing program to process payroll in-house…Please ask our New Client Executive for more details and pricing. We’ll be happy to help get you set up!

Our payroll services include, but are NOT limited to:

    1099 Preparation
    Accrual Tracking
    Affordable Care Act Tracking & Reporting
    Automatic Newhire Reporting
    Background Screenin
    Certified Payroll Processing
    Check Stub Options
    Customizable Payroll Report Packages
    Digitized Check Signing
    Direct Deposit
    EFTPS Tax Payment Submission
    Employee Self Service
    Garnishment & Vendor Check Printing
    General Ledger Exports for…QuickBooks, Intuit, Peachtree
    Online Report Access
    Payroll Package Delivery Options
    Timekeeping & Employee Scheduling
    Generated Quarterly/Year End Federal & State Forms

    Service Details

    Certified Payroll Processing and Reporting
    Job Tracking, Fringe Benefits, Workers Compensation Reporting

    Employee Payment Options
    Digitized Check Signing*
    Direct Deposit*
    Folded Secure Checks Ready to Mail
    Online/Email Paystub
    *Authorization and/or Setup Required

    Delivery Options
    24/7 Online Report Access
    Pickup @ convenient South Anchorage location
    Mail Folded, Secure checks directly to employees
    Payroll Delivery – Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su, Big Lake areas ONLY

    Payroll on Your Schedule
    Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, and/or Seasonal basis

    Employee Self Service
    Each payroll all employees signed up will receive an electronic pay stub can login to securely access, print, and save, their own paystubs and W2’s

    Garnishment & Vendor Check Printing
    Let us print your garnishment and vendor payment checks

    Payroll Accounting Made Easy
    General Ledger exports for Quickbooks & Peachtree, transfer all your payroll information into your accounting program one simple easy step!

    Online Payroll Report Access
    Access all payroll reports via a secure login website

    Tax Payment Management
    Each payroll/quarter taxes are accurately computed and submitted electronically when applicable*
    Each quarter and year end all necessary State/Federal tax forms are generated and automatically filed*, or sent to you for final review and submission.

    Online Employee Timekeeping
    When you combine our timekeeping program with our payroll processing services, processing your payroll has never been easier, or more compliant.

    Workers Compensation Pay-As-You-Go Coverage
    Fully integrated with our payroll software, your workers compensation coverage is precisely calculated each payroll. No more “end-of-the-year” surprises! Thanks to our Workers Compensation partners, we’re able to give our payroll clients competitive rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does your direct deposit service work?
    We work with your bank to provide your employees with seamless direct deposit transfers.
    Combine with Employee Self Service & Online Report Access for a truly…Paperless Payroll♻

    How soon can we process payroll?
    As needs for each company vary, so does set up time. But once we have all the necessary information we can typically process your first payroll within 1 week.

    Do I have to wait to end of the quarter or year end to make the switch?
    No, as long as you have all current pay information for the calendar year, we’ll enter in the data and get you started with a payroll company you can count on! Every payroll, Every time!

    How much does your service cost?
    Our fees are based on payroll frequency & number of pays each payday. There are also flat fees for reports generated each quarter/year end. Discounts are applied when you combine timekeeping with payroll processing. Please contact us for a personalized quote!

    When you outsource with ABPS you’ll be paying a fraction of what you’d pay to have a payroll trained specialist on hand. Your company didn’t go into business to process payroll, but luckily we did! Let us handle your back office work, so you can focus on optimizing your business!

    Payroll Processing Startup

    Thank you for considering Alaska’s Best Payroll Solution Inc. as your Payroll Service Provider. We strive to provide companies across the state with the best business outsourcing services to save you time and money. We work with you to help get the administration part of your business running smoothly & efficiently.

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    Company Documents
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    ABPS Payroll Agreement.PDF
    State-Of-Alaska Power of Attorney.PDF
    IRS FORM 8655.PDF

    New Employee Documents
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